About APB Security Systems

APB installs Security solutions for your business & Home that lets the right people in, and keeps the wrong people out.

APB Security Systems, Inc. is a family-owned and operated, professional, full-service alarm and automation company serving Staten Island and greater New York and beyond with reliable modern security solutions for families and businesses.

Steve Coppola is President of APB Security Systems Inc., and has had over 45 years of experience in the security industry. This experience includes actual “hands on” installation of security systems, supervision of residential and large commercial/industrial installations, performing security surveys of both residential and commercial properties, coordinating alarm and security installations with contractors providing other services at both new construction sites and large renovation sites.

Mr. Coppola holds a Baccalaureate Degree in Behavioral Science, majoring in Criminal Justice. In addition to his experience in the field of security, he spent several years as a law enforcement officer.


Why Choose APB Security Systems


Providing professional, efficient and courteous monitoring at a central station located right here in the NYC metro area, staffed by operators familiar with our city's streets and towns.


APB provides a reliable, 2-way radio network (AES) and / or cellular radio transmitters to ensure that your signal reaches our central station even if your phone lines are cut or disabled. With technicians specifically trained to work with minimal disruption to the homes and businesses of clients, and where phones are actually answered by a PERSON 24/7 every day of the year.


We've been in business since 1977 with over 5,000 satisfied residential and commercial customers. APB provides expert design, installation and service of a wide range of security, surveillance and automation systems throughout the New York and New Jersey metro area.

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Every Security System is Monitored By Our
UL Listed Central Station & Cellular Radio

Every link in the chain is important: your protection is assured only when all links are established. AES-IntelliNet and Cellular Radio signalling are communications networks, deployed by APB Security that links your alarm system to the central monitoring station without wires or telephone lines.

This patented, "smart" routing technology to ensure that your alarm message gets through when every second counts.


24/7 UL-listed professional monitoring provided with every Security system

Monitoring for fire, environmental, and life safety emergencies

Fast response times that few other alarm companies can match

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Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and review of your business. Our staff members are long-term employees who have become like family and who value our customers and continually strive for excellence in providing customer service.  We are proud that most of our business is through customer referrals.

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