Commercial Intrusion Detection

Custom Building Security for Small to Large Enterprises

Small business, large business, industrial complexes…from sole proprietors to banks and successful franchises, enterprises everywhere are at risk of security breaches. Maybe it’s theft, unexplained inventory shortages, shoplifting, fraud or employee productivity; no matter what your top concerns are, APB Security can furnish you with solutions. No risk is too nominal, and no hazard is too extensive to implement the preventive measures we offer.


Intrusion Detection Key Features

Burglar Alarms

We offer customized security systems to monitor entry and exit points every day of the year to safeguard your business from intruders.

Motion Detectors

These devices are always connected to smart technology to eliminate false alarms. We also offer maintenance and support once our detectors are installed.

Panic Buttons

We install window, door and exit devices as well as hold-up buttons and duress systems. We even offer wireless systems.

Securing People, Places & Profits 24/7

Choose from a full range of devices, including: motion detectors and photoelectric beams, magnetic contacts, shock and pressure sensors, temperature sensors and glass break detectors.

  • Keep watch on your business anytime, anywhere with mobile security management.
  • Combine with video surveillance for even greater protection.
  • Create a solution uniquely built for your business.
  • Stay secure night and day – even when no one is on the premises.
  • Works perfectly for a wide range of businesses, from small businesses to large commercial spaces.

Every Security System is Monitored By Our
UL Listed Central Station & Cellular Radio

Every link in the chain is important: your protection is assured only when all links are established. AES-IntelliNet and Cellular Radio signalling are communications networks, deployed by APB Security that links your alarm system to the central monitoring station without wires or telephone lines.

This patented, "smart" routing technology to ensure that your alarm message gets through when every second counts.


24/7 UL-listed professional monitoring provided with every Security system

Monitoring for fire, environmental, and life safety emergencies

Fast response times that few other alarm companies can match

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