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Central Station Monitoring Service

24/7 Burglar / Alarm Monitoring
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Radio Communication

Security Equipment

Color Touch Screen Keypad
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3 Doors
1 Motion Detector
1 Yard Sign
Window Decal Stickers
Backup Power Supply
Expert Installation

On/Off/Panic Key Fob

Installation: $750


Note: Actual products may differ from those those pictured here due to availability and other factors.

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"I have been a customer of APB security for many years and i am very happy with their services. This company really stands behind their work"

Yuriy M.

Home Owner | Staten Island, NY

Every Security System is Monitored By Our
UL Listed Central Station & Cellular Radio

Every link in the chain is important: your protection is assured only when all links are established. AES-IntelliNet and Cellular Radio signalling are communications networks, deployed by APB Security that links your alarm system to the central monitoring station without wires or telephone lines.

This patented, "smart" routing technology to ensure that your alarm message gets through when every second counts.


24/7 UL-listed professional monitoring provided with every Security system

Monitoring for fire, environmental, and life safety emergencies

Fast response times that few other alarm companies can match