Commercial Security

From Staten Island to Newark, there are shoplifting spikes in our service areas this summer. There are published reports of grocery store chains being hit by teams of shoplifters filling up carts with dozens of items, from ice cream pints to steaks. Local department stores are being impacted as well, losing clothing and other merchandise to shoplifters in search of items they can sell on the black market. The climate is ripe for shoplifting activity, and law enforcement is overwhelmed.  

Summer is a time when life becomes more relaxed. Unfortunately, that’s not only true for law-abiding residents. Those with criminal tendencies tend to act more impulsively in the summer season, which accounts for the spikes in retail crime in the summer months. Here are some of the crimes that the right security system can help retailers defend against this summer. 

Retail crime

Someone decided years ago that they could skip purchasing genuine security cameras and put fake ones out to fool criminals into thinking that they had the real deal. They’re known as decoy cameras or dummy cameras. No matter what you call them, they are not an effective security solution.

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