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Professional Security Systems at Home in Staten Island

Home security doesn’t have to be do-it-yourself security. As we wind down from the pandemic journey, many of us are busier than ever and looking for ways to affordably get the professional services we need. That’s what we offer here at APB Security, with professional security systems for your Staten Island home. Here’s what it can mean for your family. 

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Are Porch Pirates Real?

Unfortunately, they are. In 2021, more than 210 million packages were stolen off the front porches of homes across the U.S. — and roughly 35 million Americans say they’ve fallen victim to package theft at some point. From essential staples and supplies, to valuable electronics and collectibles, to designer clothing and accessories, porch pirates will take whatever they can get their hands on. Typically, they have no idea what they’re stealing until after the getaway. In total, the estimated annual losses from porch theft are $5.4 billion. 

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