Home Security

Why Security System Monitoring is Necessary

You’re an intelligent, capable homeowner. Maybe you think that’s everything you need to handle an at-home emergency all on your own. But the reality is, most people need active support, especially if the emergency is a break-in or a fire. When one of these events happens, your number one job is to get yourself and your loved ones out of the house safely. Dialing 911 on top of that is simply too much for one person. If you have a monitored home security system, there’s good news: Your system will do that part for you.

Security Monitoring

Protecting Your Home in a Break-In, No Matter What

Your security system is there to protect your home from break-ins. But what happens if an intruder targets not only your home, but your security system itself? In this burglary tactic, known as “crash and smash,” the intruder breaks into the home, then smashes the home security panel to prevent the system from activating. The end game, of course, is for the intruder to get access to what they want without the system calling for help.

Let Smart Home Security Reduce Your Stress During the Holidays

You keep seeing the commercials that say “10 days until Christmas” and then “9 Days until Christmas”, and that increases the stress that you’re already feeling. First, there are Christmas presents to buy, and time is running out to get packages delivered before Christmas. Then you must leave to visit family out of state. With so much to do, home security may not be high on your list, but an intelligent security system can reduce your stress this holiday season.  Here are some of those ways home security can help.