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Going on Vacation? Make Sure the House is Covered

Steve Coppola
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It’s finally safe to travel again, and many of us are excited to get on the road before summer is over. If you’re nervous about leaving home after sheltering in place over the past year, there are ways your smart home technology can help allay your concerns. Here are some examples of what you can do. 

Keep the house safe and sound while managing remotely. 

Did you leave a window open? What about the garage door (we’ve all done it, right)? These are normal home security concerns, but they can be addressed quickly and seamlessly with the help of your smart home security app. Just pull out your phone and check the app; or, rest assured that you’ll get a notification if something is amiss. Typically, you’ll find out before you’ve gotten too far to come back ― and if it’s the garage door, you can close it remotely with your phone no matter how far you are. It’s easy to know the status of your home security by staying connected through your mobile app. 

Grant temporary access to your sitters throughout your trip. 

These days, we have sitters for everything from our pets to our plants (not to mention the house itself). Whoever you have coming in to help you keep tabs on the home, you can let them in remotely with your phone ― or if you prefer, give them a temporary user code that you can activate and deactivate as needed. They can care for whatever you’re entrusting to them, and you can lock the door back up remotely when they leave. There’s no need to worry about making key copies or leaving the house vulnerable by leaving one under the mat. This is how homeowners manage their sitters now. 

Protect your packages and keep your vacation secret. 

Many of us have made online ordering a regular part of our lives. If you allow packages to be left on your doorstep for days at a time, that’s a real home security risk. Whether you’re expecting a shipment of something routine or valuable, the message to thieves is the same: No one is home here. Fortunately, there’s a solution with your smart home security. Simply swipe on the alert that someone is at the door, greet the driver and ask them to leave your package inside. How do you let them in? Remotely with your phone, in a matter of seconds. They leave the package inside, and you lock back up as they walk away. Now, it’s time to get back to your vacation.

Manage your home energy and prevent catastrophic flooding. 

We all know how easy it is to get frazzled when you’re heading out hastily for vacation. All it takes is one bad decision with the thermostat to leave your HVAC running all week long, costing you hundreds of dollars. With a smart thermostat, you can adjust the temperature in the home as needed while you’re away. This keeps energy costs low and totally within your control. As for flooding, we’ve all heard stories of families who come home from vacation to a water-covered catastrophe.

With water sensors in your system, you’ll be alerted to flooding in the home before it’s too late. You can call someone to turn off the water at the source and keep your property protected. 

You deserve a vacation free from worry about what’s going on at home. Find out about any of the features mentioned here by calling APB Security Systems. We’ll be happy to answer your questions. 

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