Life Safety

Protecting Your Family from Toxic Fumes

At least two major gas leaks in Staten Island have been reported on over the past year. If a gas main becomes damaged, an entire neighborhood could be at risk. Here is information on protecting your family from illness or death from the toxic fumes of a gas leak, or the equally dangerous presence of carbon monoxide in the home. 

Protecting Your Home from Winter Weather

As winter progresses, many homeowners are focused on keeping the house warm and the utility bills low, without compromising on energy efficiency. At the same time, they’re also doing everything they can to keep the costly risks of winter weather at bay. Luckily, APB Security has smart home technology that can help with all of it. Here are the winter weather home hazards we can help you avoid. 

Preventing a House Fire at the Holidays

The 2021 holiday season is underway, and you want yours to be memorable for all the right reasons. One way to increase the happiness of your holiday season is doing everything you can to prevent a tragic house fire. Here are the essentials to holiday house fire prevention. 

National Fire Prevention Week in Staten Island

Every year since 1925, the week that surrounds October 9 is observed as National Fire Prevention Week in the United States. The goal is to use this week to educate the public on some aspect of fire safety and prevention. This year, the theme of the National Fire Prevention Week campaign is, “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety.” 

Keeping Home Deliveries Safe Post-COVID

We have come a long way in the fight against COVID. However, it seems that some of the cultural changes we’ve adopted over the past year are here to stay — for example, sterilizing the things we come in contact with and trying to stay as contact-free as possible. One thing Americans have done to mitigate their contact concerns is to increase the frequency of home deliveries. From food, to household necessities, to clothing and more, we are having things delivered to our homes more frequently than ever.  

Packages on Porch

How Smart Security Can Detect Dangerous Gases in Your Home

While natural gas is a safe and efficient way to heat your home, power your cooking appliances and dry your family’s clothes, it’s also a risk to your health and safety if a gas leak occurs. If the leak fills the home with gas while you’re in it, your entire household will be immediately at risk of illness or death. In addition to that, the flammable gas can ignite a dangerous explosion. 

Gas stove in home

Internet Security Tips for families

Your entire family must be made aware of the great risk of personal information being divulged on the computer. Just because you keep your virus and spyware protection up to date does not mean your family is safe from online fraud and/or identity theft.