Professional Security Systems at Home in Staten Island

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Home security doesn’t have to be do-it-yourself security. As we wind down from the pandemic journey, many of us are busier than ever and looking for ways to affordably get the professional services we need. That’s what we offer here at APB Security, with professional security systems for your Staten Island home. Here’s what it can mean for your family. 

Protection from Burglary and Home Invasion 

NYPD Borough and Precinct Crime Statistics reveal that there are over 200 burglaries per year in Staten Island. Although the majority of these break-ins happen while the home is empty, FBI data shows that 30% of them happen while the home is occupied. That’s a frightening prospect, especially for parents. 

With a professional security system at home, you can give your family better protection from burglars and anyone else who would invade your castle. By using your home security app to arm your system every day, you can be sure that the motion of a break-in will trigger your alarm and send a signal to the UL listed central station. That’s where our agents are standing by, ready to dispatch police to your address. 

Help in Fire and Carbon Monoxide Events 

Another benefit of a professional home security system is immediate help in the event of a house fire. The trained security agents at the central station spring into action when your signal is triggered, sending help to your home without any action needed on your part. You can focus on getting the family out safely, knowing you have professional alarm monitoring to take care of the rest. 

Of course, fire is not the only environmental danger to your home. Your family also needs protection from toxic fumes, like the silent killer carbon monoxide (CO). If CO is present in the home, you may not know about it until you feel sick. But with a professional security system in the home, you’ll receive an alert if CO is there so everyone can get out of the home safely. 

Easy Management at Your Fingertips 

One of the most exciting things about a professional security system at home is that you can still  manage it yourself. Using your smartphone, you can arm and disarm your system quickly as you come and go throughout the day.

If you choose to incorporate smart home automation, you’ll use the same app to control your lights, locks and thermostat. It’s easy and enjoyable.    

At APB Security, we have affordable options for professional security systems. Your Staten Island home can be protected 24/7 by a UL listed central station, and you can control the features with a few simple taps on your smartphone. To discuss these options and get started, call APB Security today. 

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