ALERT: Smash & Grab Intruder On the Prowl

Steve Coppola
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Several days ago, one of our customers (also a friend) had his store burglarized by a “Smash & Grab” intruder. He informed me that his front door glass was broken & the burglar(s) were able to grab some counter items before running, likely from the sound of the alarm siren or knowing that the police were being contacted. Our Central Station notified the NYPD immediately and our finest were at the site in 12 minutes.

During these trying times, I expect there will be much more “Smash & Grab” crimes perpetrated on our local businesses. If you have such a business, try securing valuable items in a safe or at least in a sturdy locked cabinet thus helping to prevent the criminal’s success by increasing the time they would require to complete their mission.

Homeowners, especially pre-quarantined ones, were also susceptible to “Smash & Grab” intruders in that the perpetrator would kick open a door or window, rush to the master bedroom, grab the traditional jewelry box and flee quickly. However, with homeowners being quarantined, criminals may need to resort to their more risky method of breaking in while the occupants are sleeping.

Bear in mind, when we sleep our hearing is also asleep. Therefore, I highly recommend that you arm your alarm system before bedtime. It’s also a prudent idea to arm your alarm if you are unable to hear your doorbell or a knock at the front door (such as when showering, using a hair dryer or blasting music). This can help prevent a daytime burglary.

If this economy suffers, I expect crime to increase proportionally. As customers of APB you already have an alarm system, so arm it more often and let the alarm and our Central Station do their job of helping to protect families & their possessions.

Steven J. Coppola
President & Founder