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How Keyless Access Control Pays off for Businesses

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Over the past year, numerous security concerns have risen to the surface for businesses. However, there’s nothing new about the most basic security requirement of all: the need to keep the doors locked. In the past, keeping your doors secure was as simple as giving every employee their own key. Unfortunately, many business owners learned that as time went on, the lock-and-key method wasn’t so simple after all.

The Problem with Traditional Keys

For many business owners, the old-fashioned way of locking doors led to an assortment of security headaches:

  • Current employees losing keys
  • Terminated employees keeping keys out of spite
  • Employees with malicious intensions duplicating keys and giving them to others

Of course, these setbacks multiplied security concerns rather than reducing them. Before any of these traditional key nightmares happen to you, there’s a solution you can implement: keyless access control.

What Keyless Access Control Does

Keyless access control is a system that uses electronic door locks rather than traditional locks, and electronic or magnetic credentials instead of traditional keys. It helps business owners achieve real building security, without the risks of lost or duplicated keys.

With keyless access control, each user needs an authorized credential to authenticate their identity. The door is only triggered to unlock when an authorized credential is swiped; an unauthorized credential (such as one that has been deactivated by the employer) will not unlock the door. Furthermore, any footage from the security camera that captures door activity can verify the identity of each user. 

Other Management Benefits

Additional management benefits of keyless access control include:

  • If an employee’s credential has been lost, the employer can deactivate it before issuing a new one.
  • Credentials can be activated and deactivated by the employer as people are hired and terminated.
  • Employers also have the ability to restrict building access during certain hours of the day, such as after business hours.

For employers concerned about information security, rest assured that a quality keyless entry system has end-to-end encryption and no data stored at the local level. This makes it out of reach for hackers and anyone who would intend to do harm to your data infrastructure.

Keyless entry systems give employers a modern access control solution with benefits that far outweigh outdated locks and keys. To learn more, contact us today. We look forward to answering your questions.

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