Summer Savings

Summer Savings Made Easy with Smart Home Security

Steve Coppola
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Does it seem like your utility bills get higher every summer? This year, they’re likely to be even higher because of Americans staying home more. It’s time to apply some common sense cost cutting to home energy management, but that’s difficult when family members are coming and going throughout the day.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be overprotective of your home’s thermostat in order to cut costs on home energy. With a smart home system featuring ENERGY STAR ® certified smart technology, your thermostat can actually help you start saving money rather than spending it. Here’s what you can start doing with a smart home thermostat on your side.

Routinely save energy when leaving home. 

A common home cooling mistake is leaving the AC blasting while you’re away from home. A smart thermostat prevents this by taking a pause when your house is empty. It does this using Geo-Services technology, which adjusts your thermostat based on the location of your smartphone. No more overcooling the house when nobody’s home, which means no more overpaying on your energy bills.

Know when an open door is costing you money. 

When a door or window is left open, that cooled, conditioned air escapes the house – and with it, money escapes your pocket. But with a smart thermostat that’s connected to your security system and controlled by your phone, you and your thermostat will both know when a door or window is left open. The AC will pause automatically until the culprit door or window is closed. Incredible!

Make your lighting smart and connected.

Energy efficient lightbulbs are great, but they can only do so much. By switching out some of your household lighting for smart lights, you’ll have the ability to connect your lights to your security system and control them with your phone, just like your smart thermostat.
From the convenience of your phone, you can turn lights on or off and program them to come on at specific times of day. This cuts down on unnecessary lighting, which costs families money on their energy bills.
Thanks to a smart home system, the days of overpaying on energy can be over.  To learn more, contact APB Security Systems. We would love to help you get started.

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