Prevent Porch Pirates this Holiday Season

Thieves of all experience levels know that stealing packages from porches is one of the easiest crimes to pull off during the holidays. It takes less than one minute for a thief to run to your porch, seize your package and speed off in their escape vehicle. And after they hit your house, they typically target one of your neighbors next. But this holiday season, you can keep porch pirates from succeeding. Here are some ways to do it. 

Packages on home porch

3 Ways to Spook Burglars and Thieves

Ghosts and goblins are what we pretend to be scared of this time of year. But burglars and thieves are scared of something far more realistic: getting caught in the act. This Halloween, you can make that happen with your smart home security protection. Here are three ways to do it. 

kids trick or treating on Halloween

Geo-Services: Take Your Smart Home with You

You already know that a smart security system gives you more secure home, and you know that your smartphone security app keeps you one step ahead of unusual activity. But believe it or not, you may not be making the most of your system. One of the most underutilized features it contains is Geo-Services, an opt-in feature that uses your location to activate your smart home devices so your home can be safer and more comfortable when you return. 

Home Automation Services

The Smart Doorbell Camera Buyers Guide

Remember life before caller ID? If you’re of a certain age, you may recall the days when you picked up a ringing phone not knowing who was on the other end. These days, that’s something most of us can’t conceive of doing. Well, the same should be said for answering our doors. If you don’t have a smart doorbell camera, it’s like answering the phone before caller ID: antiquated and unsafe.

Smart Doorbell Camera

Kid Safety At Home: Extra Protection with a Doorbell Camera

“Safe at home” may be the mantra of the day, but kids need extra help staying safe no matter where they are. If you’re a parent who has kids home alone during the day, you no doubt feel understandable concern for their safety while you’re away. Maybe it’s distracting enough to affect your work. If so, it’s time to give the kids another safeguard and give yourself some peace of mind. A smart doorbell camera can provide both.

Kid Safety at Home

How Smart Locks Fit Into Smart Security

While you’ve taken the important first step of implementing a security system and perhaps even added on a doorbell camera for extra security, the lock on your front door also needs protection. Fortunately, there’s a solution: a smart lock, which is an electronic lock that replaces the old-fashioned lock and key you have currently. When you have a smart lock, it can be accessed remotely with the same home security app you use to control the rest of your security devices.

Smart Locks

Doorbell Cameras: An Extra Layer of Security In Uncertain Times

Our front doors are busy and bustling: kids coming in and out, friends dropping by, and delivery people bringing everything from packages to your lunch. With so much activity happening, it leaves open possibilities for security risks: porch theft, burglary, even home invasion. To combat these risks, you need something that can watch over the most high traffic entry to your home: the doorway. 

Video Doorbell

Summer Savings Made Easy with Smart Home Security

Does it seem like your utility bills get higher every summer? This year, they’re likely to be even higher because of Americans staying home more. It’s time to apply some common sense cost cutting to home energy management, but that’s difficult when family members are coming and going throughout the day.

Summer Savings

4 Ways to Have a Safer Summer

Summer is a time to enjoy pleasant outdoor weather, less time at work and more time with the ones you care about. However, it’s also a time that puts your safety awareness to the test. In a year that has already presented some unique challenges, are some ways your family can enjoy a safer summer in 2020.

4 ways to have a Safer Summer