Fighting the Wave of Staten Island Business Burglary

As Staten Island businesses continue to press on through COVID restrictions, they are faced with a new, more daunting challenge: surviving burglary. During October, a wave of commercial burglaries spread through the borough; reports that there were at least nine burglaries at Staten Island businesses from October 1 through October 31. The businesses targeted ranged from restaurants, to delis, to flower shops.

Enjoy a Safer Halloween at Home

We’re approaching another year of Halloween under COVID precautions, so safety is likely on the minds of many people passing out candy to trick-or-treaters this year. But your safety radar shouldn’t only be up in terms of COVID prevention; you need to be aware of Halloween crime risks as well. 

National Fire Prevention Week in Staten Island

Every year since 1925, the week that surrounds October 9 is observed as National Fire Prevention Week in the United States. The goal is to use this week to educate the public on some aspect of fire safety and prevention. This year, the theme of the National Fire Prevention Week campaign is, “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety.” 

The Control4 Home Automation Starter Kit

Home automation is a broad term that encompasses everything from wireless security systems to smart lighting, and many other services in between. It can be daunting to understand when you first start out. For that reason, many homeowners prefer to start out small before expanding to the full range of home automation services. 

Home Automation

Home Security that Helps You Welcome Guests

The fall season is a time when we welcome guests to come inside and stay a while. It’s a wonderful tradition, but it’s also no time to allow our home security commitments slide. What follows are some tips for welcoming visitors while still putting home security first. 

What Makes Smart Locks Smart?

Smart locks have changed the way we lock doors, forever. That’s no exaggeration, as reports that 4 million smart locks are sold each year. But what is it about smart locks that makes them the more intelligent keyless replacement for traditional keys? Here are some of the highlights. 

Summer Safety Supported by Home Security

There’s nothing like summer fun, but enjoying it to the fullest requires a serious commitment to safety. You and your family can enjoy a smarter, safer summer this year with these tips to avoid some of summer’s most prevalent dangers. 

Summer Safety